What is better deodorant or antiperspirant?

What is better deodorant or antiperspirant?

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What is better deodorant or antiperspirant? And what is the difference between them? This question often arises in the shop when you are trying to chose measure against sweating. Here are some facts, which can help to make decision.

Deodorants kill bacteria, antiperspirants stop sweating.

Deodorant's main component is a preservative – a kind of anti-microbial compound. Methyl-, butyl-, propyl-, ethyl parabens, are used in deodorants, as well as in most other cosmetics. This material is absorbed into the skin deeper than the other preservatives and this leads to violations of the endocrine system – increased estrogen levels caused by inflammation, which can develop into breast cancer.

The study found that parabens have been even breast milk. Parabens sink into the deepest layers of the skin, circulatory system and accumulate in body tissues.

Parabens are suspected to have impact on cancer. One of the evidence of this statement is that breast cancer grows in precisely those areas closest to the underarm.

Meanwhile antiperspirants contain active salts which clog the skin pores and prevent the leak out of sweat. But the man must sweat to prevent overheating of the body, therefore frequently use of antiperspirants can damage human health.

Antiperspirants contain aluminum. Aluminium is considered a highly toxic material. Synthetic aluminum salt clogs the skin pores and blocks the sweat glands. This can cause inflammation, swelling of lymph nodes. Regular use of antiperspirants may cause the sweat glands dysfunction.

Researchers have found that frequent use of antiperspirants increases aluminum concentration in armpit. Aluminum, if introduced into the human body, can interfere with hormonal activity or even change the cell structure. It affects the central nervous system and disrupts thyroid activity. Also aluminum is linked with the development of cancer and Alzheimer's disease.

So, it seems that none of those two are very good and the best choice in this case is natural measures from sweating and malodorous. One of such measures is the alum – natural deodorant – potassium alum salt, which dissolved on the skin effectively inhibits bacterial growth, so perfectly neutralize the smell of sweat, without disturbing the natural process of sweating.

Note: there are artificial alum crystals, which are produced by chemical synthesis. They look the same, but effect isn't the same quality. Read the label carefuly. If the crystal is made synthetically, you'll find the inscription "Ammonium alum", if it is natural – "Potassium alum".

Instead of the conclusion, just one practical tip:
If you suffer from excessive sweating, you need to refuse coffee and other beverages with caffeine, because they stimulates the release of fluid from the body. Also avoid fatty, spicy foods, strong alcohol, from which the sweat becomes malodorous, eat more fruits, vegetables and fish products.


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