Portion control helps to lose and maintain weight

Portion control helps to lose and maintain weight

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Portion control helps to lose and maintain weight – this is world wide known true. But practically sometimes it isn't so easy. Here are some tips, which can help to control portions of your meals:

1. Always eat from smaller plates – a small plate looks filled with lower amount of food, than big. It tricks the brain in believing you are consuming more than you actually are.

2. Eat small portions often, rather than fewer big portions. A simple theory in many healthy weight loss meal plans would be to eat every 3 to 4 hours interval. The body is most effective when eating smaller portions and eating frequently. In addition, this speeds up your metabolism and helps you feel satiated for a longer time. Even Hollywood celebrities, such as Megan Fox, often use five meals a day method to keep their shape.

3. Eat slower. Carefully chew each mouthful – enjoy the food, not just swallow. In this way, you will feel satiated more quickly and by eating less food. Besides, mastication will help break the food for easy digestion.

4. Always be conscious of what you’re eating.  Never watch television, work with computer or check your Blackberry, while you are eating, because then you are eating automatically and as a rule consume more food. In addition it influences badly your metabolism.

5. Serve the meals you are going to eat at given time. It means don't eat straight from the package, because then it is more difficult to control the amount of food you consume. Place the food you are going to eat on the plate, eat it moderately and then stop when finished, preventing overeating.

6. Fill your plate lean protein, fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables consist of dietary fiber, that bulks up food and consequently fills up and made your stomach full. Protein can fill you fast as the body could only handle fairly little at once. Both of these will enable you to limit the amount of calories you take in at one particular meal making portion control more convenient.


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