Alcorexia – fashionable diet

Alcorexia – fashionable diet

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Alcorexia – fashionable diet, which involves eating very little during the day or week (a very low calorie diet) and so 'saving' all the calories not eaten to binge drink alcohol.

Alcorexia, believed to be used by many top models and other celebrities (such as Lindsay Lohan) to keep their weight low without sacrificing their heavy partying lifestyle. And, because in this world, fashion is dictated by celebrities, this diet is becoming popular among young people, especially women.

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Dietitians are horrified by this diet and define it as undeniable unhealthy. They say, that following a very low calorie diet  alone is stupidity, as you will most certainly not be getting the calories, vitamins and nutrients your body needs to survive and function. But to take calories from alcohol instead is totally madness, which can easily result in alcohol poisoning and even death.

Irregular diet and excessive consumption of alcohol cause sleep and metabolic disorders, stomach diseases. Moreover, such diet may be the reason of aggression, fatigue, dyspnea, diabetes, blindness and alcohol addiction. Scientists believe that alcorexia seriously undermine the personality, its cognitive, behavioral and physical abilities, leads to mental disorders.

Using alcohol, the body gets a large amount of empty calories, because alcohol practically has no other nutrients. One gram of alcohol has more calories than the same amount of carbohydrates or proteins.

It may be interesting for you, that quantity of 150 ml of white wine can contain between 150 and 170 calories. This means that a large glass of wine (250 ml) contains as many calories as an average light lunch. A cocktail of 50 ml of vodka and tonic drink brings you 100 calories, while a glass of beer contains about 250 calories.

Sometimes it seems that the world goes mad. People use alcohol, cigarettes, pills and other stuff as a measures for slimming, but the only truly effective way for losing and keeping weight – a healthy diet combined with movement – still is not atractive for them.

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  1. Agreed. Not healthy, I’m living it right now. And it’s not just a conscious choice for everyone. Like we would ‘prefer’ this over a healthy lifestyle. It is total madness, except judgement really doesn’t help. It often exacerbates the issues that lead people to these lifestyles.
    I went through several painful experiences around the same time and didn’t deal with them in a healthy way. I numbed myself with alcohol and parties. Now that the summer is pretty much over I find myself shaking and terrified if I don’t drink. And I rarely feel like eating or sleeping. I want to go back to the way I used to be. But it won’t be easy. It’s now a physical addiction and I shake when I haven’t had a drink in a few hours, need to drink just to leave the house, and have mental issues now with symptoms of bipolar, depression, anxiety, OCD, sex addiction, needing to constantly carry weapons like knives and pepper-spray, and suicidal thoughts. It sucks.
    People think I look good so I “get away with it”. People who love and care about me have been very concerned for a while. It needs to change and I’m afraid of how hard that will be.
    This was NOT dictated by celebrity lifestyle. This was a result of my experiences and how I’ve handled them. I own them. I am not proud of my behaviour, but I own it and the consequences. Unfortunately there are young people who do worship celebrities and emulate them. Our culture basically brainwashes us.
    I have empathy for anyone going through this kind of thing, not judgement.

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